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Giving old bricks new life since 1975


Giving old bricks new life since 1975


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Our Quality Products
The Brick Pit offers the categories and grades of recycled bricks listed below. Every brick is upcycled to our proprietory Brick Rescue Quality Standard and hand-blended to architect/customer specifications.
- Custom Feature Blends are our unique specialty product line and may be supplied either with or without Graffiti Bricks
- Dry Pressed Bricks
- Sandstock Bricks
- Combo Grade
- Paving Grade
- Builders Grade
- Face Grade
Our Trusted Name
When you need recycled bricks, you want a supplier with a trusted name and a long track record. The Brick Pit is a trusted name backed by 45 years of service. That's a lot of recycled bricks and a whole lot of happy customers! You can count on The Brick Pit for quality, integrity and service. Our products have earned the trust and preference of various professionals in the industry. Architects specify our materials, recognizing their quality and suitability for projects. Property owners rely on us for dependable solutions, while builders consistently choose our bricks for their construction needs.
Our Customer Service
Customers have always been our top priority and the reason why we do what we do. Your project is important to us because it is important to you. Our showroom is right here on our website in the Projects and Ideas galleries. We invite you to browse these galleries and then call the office on (02) 9681 7666 and discuss your project with our friendly, expert staff who can assist you and answer your questions. Before visiting our Smithfield yard, please call ahead and make an appointment. This enables our staff to give your project their full attention and is a safety requirement as our yard is a brick processing facility with machinery operating.
Building Legacies

The Brick Pit – Australia’s Premier Brick Recycler Since 1975

From humble beginnings in 1975, The Brick Pit has grown to become Australia’s oldest and best-loved brick recycler, serving generations of architects, builders, landscape designers and homeowners and leading the industry in new developments. We’re known for customer service, quality assurance and our custom feature blends – our own specialty product line unique to The Brick Pit. We are passionate about recycling lime-mortar bricks for reuse and can “hand on heart” say, we can help you get the look you want. For only the finest genuine Australian recycled bricks.

Redefining Brick Recycling

Our high-quality, rescued brick products are the culmination of close collaboration with partners and clients, reflecting industry expertise and decades of experience in brick recycling. Together, we’ve set a standard that ensures each rescued brick meets rigorous quality benchmarks.

Specified by architects
Trusted by property owners
Preferred by builders
Insisted on by landscape designers
Sought by designers and shopfitters

Some of our clients

Feature Blends
Feature blends are a custom product line originally developed for architects, designers, builders and custom home owners. After upcycling, selected bricks are carefully hand-blended to create the beautiful designer range of colours seen in many of our projects.
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Recycled Bricks
Buy recycled bricks, salvaged from demolitions, carefully selected for quality and sustainability. Reduce waste and preserve resources with our eco-friendly building solution.
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Sandstocks Bricks
Sandstocks are Australia’s earliest bricks – Circa 1800s to early 1900s. These beautiful bricks are characterised by rich earthy tones. Sandstock bricks are more fragile and less consistent in colour. They are also known as “convict” bricks.
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Combo Bricks
Combo bricks are a type of recycled brick that comes in two grades: Combo A and Combo B. These bricks are salvaged from demolished buildings and individually inspected during the recycling process.
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Paving Bricks
Recycled paving bricks are sustainable and durable options for landscaping. Recovered from demolished sites, they're processed for quality and offer rustic charm to driveways and walkways while reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly practices.
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Our expertise
Complete Brick Solutions
The Brick Pit is a full service brick recycler supplying only the finest recycled bricks and advising on brick selection, finishes, colour matching and quantities. We offer the following recycled brick products and specialty product lines.
Feature Blends Recycled Bricks Sandstocks Combo Bricks Paving

Why Choose Recycled Bricks?

Environmental Sustainability

Recycled bricks reduce the demand for new bricks, which lowers the environmental impact associated with brick production. By using recycled materials, individuals contribute to resource conservation and waste reduction.


In some cases, recycled bricks may be more affordable than new bricks, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals and businesses. By choosing recycled materials, people can achieve their desired aesthetic without breaking the bank

Historical Preservation

Recycled bricks often come from demolished buildings with historical significance. Purchasing recycled bricks allows individuals to preserve a piece of history and incorporate it into new construction projects, maintaining the character and authenticity of older structures.

Aesthetic Appeal

Recycled bricks often have a weathered and unique appearance that adds character and charm to architectural designs. Many people appreciate the rustic and authentic look of recycled bricks, which can enhance the visual appeal of both interior and exterior spaces.


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The Brick Pit’s Wide Service Coverage

The Brick Pit serves regions far and wide, from NSW and QLD to ACT, VIC, SA, WA, and even New Zealand. Offering genuine Australian recycled bricks, our commitment to quality and sustainability knows no borders. Architects, builders, and homeowners trust us for our reliable service and genuine products, making a positive impact wherever our bricks are laid..


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