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How are the bricks delivered?
We deliver to the kerb on pallets of 500 bricks. Bricks are delivered by semi-trailer which carries 12 pallets, (6000 bricks), and an all-terrain forklift. A smaller rigid truck which carries 6 pallets (3000 bricks per load), and an all-terrain forklift can be arranged for narrow access. Crane truck delivery is available on request if needed.
How heavy are the bricks?
Solid dry pressed bricks weigh 4 kg each and extruded bricks 3 kg each.
How do I calculate how many bricks to order?
You will need 40 bricks per square metre of area for paving and 50 bricks per square metre (single course) for face brick walls and retaining walls, Call 02 9681 7666 if you have any questions.
What is the lead time for receiving the bricks?
Lead times vary depending on the season, the demand and the quantity of bricks required. Under normal circumstances our lead time is two weeks from the date we receive your deposit. Large orders may have a longer lead time while smaller orders may be supplied sooner. Please ask when you place your order.
Is there a minimum order quantity?
No minimum. Order just a few bricks or tens of thousands. If it's important to you, it's important to us!
Do you do brick matching?
We do brick matches for pre-1950s clay bricks and sandstocks. We match bricks from photographs but remember, the quality of the pics is critical as the brick match will be done to match the pics you provide. For a photo brick match please email a digital photo of approximately 1 sq. metre of wall space in good light and a second close-up photo showing only 2-3 bricks. The email address is on our contact page.

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