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BRICK RESCUE® Quality Products

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The Brick Pit is a full service brick recycler supplying only the finest recycled bricks and advising on brick selection, finishes, colour matching and quantities. We offer the following recycled brick products and specialty product lines.

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Feature Blends

Feature blends are a custom product line originally developed for architects, designers, builders and custom home owners. After upcycling, selected bricks are carefully hand-blended to create the beautiful designer range of colours seen in many of our projects. Hand-blending ensures consistency of colour throughout, without banding or patchiness, even in very large projects involving many thousands of recycled bricks. Feature blends are certain to bring the WOW factor to your project.

Customers can choose from the custom blends on our Projects, Inspiration or Instagram pages, or they can email their own images and our team will create a unique blend for them. All feature blends are made to order and hand-blended to architect/customer requirements at our Smithfield facility.

Paving Bricks

Recycled paving bricks are sustainable and durable options for landscaping. Recovered from demolished sites...
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Combo Bricks

Combo bricks are a type of recycled brick that comes in two grades: Combo A and Combo B. These bricks...
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Sandstocks Bricks

Sandstocks are Australia’s earliest bricks – Circa 1800s to early 1900s. These beautiful bricks are characterised...
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“Every time you reuse 2,000 old bricks instead of new bricks, you save the environment 1 tonne of CO2.”

Source: NIRAS Consultants