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was established in 1975


The Brick Pit began trading in 1975, long before recycled brick was considered cool and fashionable, and before words like ‘sustainability’, ‘energy’ and ‘environment’ were part of the national conversation.

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Australia’s oldest brick recycler leads the industry with an unrelenting commitment to customer satisfaction and a quality of product that is unsurpassed in the marketplace thanks to its world-first mobile automatic brick cleaning technology, (International Patent pending). The Alpha Dog automatic brick cleaning system has established an exceptional quality standard that is consistent and can be confidently specified over projects of any size. The Brick Pit’s in-house custom feature blends prevent banding and patchiness and are the choice of architects, builders and discerning home owners throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Since 1975, The Brick Pit has been supplying architects, designers, howneowners, builders, landscapers and shopfitters in Australia and overseas with premium, recycled bricks for residential, commercial and landscaping projects including custom homes, restaurants, cafes, commercial, retail, and residential complexes, council parks and outdoor spaces, leading education facilities and eco resorts.

Some notable projects include:

Also, MBA award winning homes and installations within the Merivale Group including:

“Every time you reuse 2,000 old bricks instead of new bricks, you save the environment 1 tonne of CO2.”

Source: NIRAS Consultants


The Brick Pit contributes solidly to reducing landfill and CO2 emissions by recycling millions of lime-mortar clay bricks for reuse every year.

The business model is upcycling – also known as recycling for reuse.
Upcycling is superior to other methods of recycling that destroy the original product.
Upcycling is simply processing a product to be reused in its original form.
Reuse is the most energy efficient and environmentally sustainable type of recycling.
Bricks on demolition sites are separated from general waste and brought to The Brick Pit.
After being sorted, cleaned, graded and then blended to architect and customer requirements, the bricks are returned to the marketplace for reuse in new building and landscaping projects.

Brick recycling world-wide is  riding a wave of unprecedented growth and development that reflects a firm commitment by consumers and governments to reduce landfill and CO2 emissions. The manufacture of new bricks is well-known to be a highly energy and resource intensive process that depletes the environment. As a result, demand for recycled lime-mortar brick is rising. The Brick Pit’s Brick Rescue initiative rewards and encourages the recycling for reuse of lime-mortar brick retrieved from demolition sites.

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The Brick Pit’s Wide Service Coverage

The Brick Pit serves regions far and wide, from NSW and QLD to ACT, VIC, SA, WA, and even New Zealand. Offering genuine Australian recycled bricks, our commitment to quality and sustainability knows no borders. Architects, builders, and homeowners trust us for our reliable service and genuine products, making a positive impact wherever our bricks are laid..