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When old brick buildings are demolished, we rescue the bricks for reuse. Instead of being crushed as demolition waste, the bricks are sorted, cleaned,  graded and blended and are then returned to the marketplace to be reused in new commercial, residential and landscaping projects.

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This is known as upcycling. Upcycling for reuse is the most energy efficient form of recycling because it does not destroy the original product in the recycling process as happens when bricks are crushed and turned into road-base or other aggregate.

Compared to the energy used to crush old bricks and make more new bricks to replace them in the marketplace, upcycling old bricks for reuse uses minimal energy. Studies like the one done by NIRAS Consultants show conclusively that upcycling brick for reuse is much better for the environment.

“Every time you reuse 2,000 old bricks instead of new bricks, you save the environment 1 tonne of CO2.”

Source: NIRAS Consultants

The Environmental Choice

Alert Brick Rescue® and help us ensure that lime-mortar bricks are upcycled for reuse when an old brick building is going to be demolished. It’s the environmental choice.

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Brick Rescue’s community program was created to try and save more bricks from being crushed when brick structures are demolished. The program encourages people in the community to send us the site address when a brick building is going to be demolished and rewards them with a Finders Fee for every brick that we rescue as a result of the tip off.

If you see a brick building with security fences up, demolition machinery onsite, roof, doors or windows being removed, send us a Demo Alert and we will pay you a Finder’s Fee for every brick we rescue. The bricks that we rescue are upcycled at our yard and reused in new projects.

We strongly believe that Brick Rescue is the only responsible environmentally sustainable and energy efficient response when brick structures are demolished.

How Upcycling Works

It’s heartbreaking that in an age where energy, the environment, sustainability and conservation are such hot topics, hundreds of thousands of bricks are still crushed as demolition waste every day when they could be rescued, upcycled and reused instead.

There is still much work to be done in this area. Local councils can specify in the DA that brick is upcycled for reuse and require a third party inspection by a registered brick recycler to determine whether the brick can be upcycled. Crushing brick with other demolition waste could be approved only  after an inspection determines that the brick cannot be reused.

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Browse our project galleries to see how reclaimed bricks are re-used in many notable and award winning projects. Enjoy the unbeatable vibe at The Grounds of Alexandria, Crinitis, Pancakes on the Rocks, Sandstone Point Hotel (QLD), Sydney Olympic Park Jacaranda Square or one of multiple Merivale Group recycled brick installations such as Mr Wong, Coogee Pavillion, Papi Chulo, Ivy, multiple HIA and MBA award winning residential and commercial projects, the Google headquarters in Pyrmont, Wollongong University SBRC and others.

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