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Hillsong Church Recording Studio features Recycled Bricks


We are always intrigued when recycled brick finds its way into a project that is niche and a bit different and the new recording studio at Hillsong Church was no exception. In terms of recording studios, it was a first for The Brick Pit and we were more than a little excited to see the end result.

The stunning recycled brick interior of the new recording studio is displayed to perfection in the acoustic bonus track videos recorded for their new album, ‘There Is More’.

We loved the pics of the tour of the new studio, but it was in April 2018, when we saw the studio in action on the bonus tracks of the new album, that we caught the full impact of the timeless ambience recycled brick brings to this unique space for Hillsong Church. It was a surreal and proud moment, watching videos recorded against a beautiful backdrop of recycled brick, the soft tones

of the brick glowing under the studio lighting.

But the real kicker was when we saw the number of views and realised that in the two months since the album was launched on April 6th, the videos filmed in the studio had received in excess of 2.5M views on YouTube.

For a Brick Recycler from Western Sydney, that’s a whole lot of views of our bricks! Needless to say we are both amused and delighted. Every week, Hillsong Worship songs are sung by an estimated 50 million people in 60 languages so it will be very exciting to review the numbers in a year’s time!

Thank you, Hillsong Church, for choosing The Brick Pit and trusting us with your recording studio. To view the videos visit the links below.

  1. New Wine (Acoustic)
  2. The Passion (Acoustic)
  3. Who You Say I Am (Acoustic)
  4. Remembrance (Acoustic)
  5. Touch Of Heaven (Acoustic)



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