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Burwood house bricks recycled for re-use

Recycle for reuse…because crushing old bricks is a mugs’ game!

When a grand old estate in Burwood, NSW came down, I was saddened that the owner had chosen to demolish rather than restore. Set on over an acre of land, the circa early 1900’s structure stood beautifully proud. Every living area and bedroom had high vaulted ceilings and the main centrepiece of each room was a grand fireplace. Pictured is one of the many chimneys that decorated the profile of the roof line.

We lost the old estate to “progress” but fortunately the bricks were rescued and live on today. So the message is…..if the building is not to be saved, at least recycle the bricks for reuse because crushing old bricks is a mugs’ game!

Alert us when you see a brick building that is going to be demolished and we will do the rest.

Keith Carqueville 

Note: We pay a Finders Fee to anyone who notifies us when pre-1950s brick structures are going to be demolished. Help Brick Rescue save our bricks. Recycle them – don’t crush them as waste.




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